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Our 2020 catalog features 150 pages of design ideas for your home. This is a tad more expensive than concrete, but they will last much longer and require far less maintenance, making them the economical choice over the long run. Request an estimate and design consultation today by filling out our short form below.

Get excellent driveways installed at your residential or commercial property. Rely on our experienced crew for driveways installation services. This process tumbles the stone paver to give it a less geometric look. Each unit may exhibit chips, splinters or slight fractures. This method applies flame and heat to the surface of a stone paver to force pieces to detach like scales for a more durable, non-slip finish.

Without a good foundation and the proper thickness of stone, your patio could be upset by heaving during freeze-thaw cycles or crack under the pressure of ice. A professional will also let you know what ice melt products will damage your stone so you can maintain the look of your patio for years to come. Natural stone is quarried, meaning it is dug out of the earth where it formed naturally over millions of years.

There is no curing time with this process, so the pavers can be used as soon as the sealant has dried. Pavers are less prone to cracking from ground movement and temperature changes compared to concrete. Impacts can potentially cause cracks to develop, but you can replace individual pavers as needed. The definitive guide to stylish outdoor spaces, with garden tours, hardscape help, plant primers, and daily design news. The mortarless flagstone patio shown above is set on a base of crushed stone and sand. Taphouse encourages installers to lay a woven geotextile mat before pouring the gravel base for their paver patio.

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They’re relatively simple in design and can be easily customized to varying sizes and with different trim details. This Full Color Bluestone that is 1 1/2″ gauged for consistent thickness, ensures efficient installation and beauty. Also available in True Blue. One advantage of manufactured pavers is that they tend to stay cool the sun. Even dark-toned pavers won’t burn your feet, so they are a good choice in locations where you expect to take off your shoes regularly. For homes in the Northeast, there are definite do’s and don’ts when it comes to choosing a material that will look great and stand the test of time.

Find inspiration Do you already have an idea of what you want? View landscaper’s websites and browse their galleries to see what is possible with paving stones. You may find new ideas that you weren’t aware of before you began your search. As a general rule, patio pavers require about 4 inches of compacted crushed stone as a base for pedestrian use .

Always work with professional concrete paver manufacturers, like Peacock Pavers, and expert contractors who know how to properly lay, grout, and seal your concrete paver surface. Unless you’re a professional yourself, we do not recommend going the DIY route. This will help ensure that your pavers stand the test of time. Nicolock offers several different types of gorgeous outdoor fireplaces, fire pits and accessories to enhance your outdoor living space.

Brick may be the aristocrat of composite paving materials, but when it comes to garden applications, it’s no snob. Depending on the type and the pattern you choose, brickcan be equally at home in a cottage garden or a grand estate. With itswarm hues and invitingtexture, brick harmonizes well with plants and with almost any other paving or building material. Its handy size and uniform shape make it relatively easy to design with and install, and it’s available almost anywhere. Bricks vary in their strength and resistance to the elements, so confirm that your choice is rated for use in paving.

Likewise, stones with golden undertones will create a warm vibe, while cool gray blocks will make a totally different look. Let a professional show you all the possibilities and guide your thinking as you narrow down the myriad choices to a few manageable options. With Nicolock paving stones, the outdoor space of your dreams is closer than ever. Pave your way to the perfect project and turn your landscape befores into stunning ever-afters.

The pavers are uniquely shaped and fit together like a puzzle. It’s a thinner paver compared to brick and concrete and so it’s not all that good for a driveway. The installation of concrete pavers is fairly straightforward and hassle-free given the fact that it is uniform and can easily be cut. They are made from natural materials which can be reused, cleaned or salvaged hence clay brick pavers are an eco-friendly alternative. These are made out from the poly material or even from old recycled tires.

Black Diamond worked quickly and efficiently and helped us navigate all the details to get everything done on time. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to give their yard a makeover. You can return any time by using the sub-menu at the top of your screen. This makes it resistant to the freeze-thaw cycle, though it needs to be installed correctly to be spared frost heaving.

Brick paver projects are a great idea if you are looking for something fairly inexpensive and easy to acquire. There is not a lot of debating and deciding which stones look best when you have chosen a brick patio. As you can see in this photo, brick is easy to install and need only be laid out over a clear and smooth patch of dirt. It is easily filled in with sand or dirt and maintains a simple and rustic look, making it easy to maintain. You need only make sure you don’t get weeds or grass pushing up from underneath or between your bricks.

If your concrete walkway or patio cracks, trying to repair that crack can be a major undertaking. In the event that a paving stone cracks or becomes discolored, or someone drops something heavy on one and it chips, that paving stone can be pulled and replaced very easily. Unlike concrete, surfaces comprised of paver stones never need to be resurfaced to retain their appearance. Regular sweeping and rinsing off with a hose are about all that is needed. Another plus in favor of a paving stone project is that pavers make it possible for you to update your landscaping in stages.

Paver stone may be quarried locally or imported from other states and even from overseas. Cedric Pittman from The Stone Store in Hanover, Maryland finds a strong demand for locally quarried material. While our services extend to cover almost all of your basic landscaping and outdoor remodeling needs, driveways have always been our specialty. With a wide variety of numerous materials to build your perfect driveway from, there will definitely be something that you will love at Pioneer Sand.