Teach kids how to code

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Nowadays, almost everything is related the computer and Internet, and the basis of computer is the code which is hard for adult, so is there any programming languages for kids?

Everything is changing, and the third revolution will come soon, it is the computer and Internet which are the leaders become the basis tool of people’s life. You may say that machine is the leader of the second revolution, but now, the leader will be controlled by the computer and Internet

So what is computer? A computer is a device that can be instructed to carry out sequences of arithmetic or logical operations automatically. Modern computers have the ability to follow generalized sets of operations, called programs. These programs enable computers to perform an extremely wide range of tasks. That is the definition of computer which is from Wikipedia. Form the definition, you can see the basis of a computer is the programs which can commandthe computer do whatever you want it to do.

However, if you are not a master of IT, it will be very difficult for you to understand and use it, so here is a question, why can we teach it from kids? Kids are interested in learning something new and they always love doing that. After that, there will be a lot of master of computer, when you are getting in some problems of computer, you will never go to the repair shop to solve, there may be some people who can help you, of course, it might be your kids.

But you may ask that it is quite difficult for adults to learn how to code, is there any problems for kids to learn? Is it harder for kids to learn? Don’t worry, today we are going to talk something about programming languages for kids and teaching kids how to code.

First of all, you need some tools to help you teach your kids how to code. If your kids are very little, maybe under the age of 10, MIT’s Scratch will be an appropriate tool for you to teach; if your kids are older, Smalltalk will be the best tool for you.You may ask me why I recommend these tools for you, here are some reasons.They are a fine pedigree for you to help teachis so simple and easy to use, and that’s just because of its integrated development environment which is also called the IDE.

Besides, learning logics is another great beginning to understand programming languages for kids. In this way, you can let your kids love learning code. As a matter of fact, the most important thing for kids to learn this kind of hard stuff is not the perfect tool or the great method, but the interest. Once they love learning code and this kind of stuff, they will learn easily and fast. If they don’t like them, even hate, no matter how perfect and great tools or teachers are, they will never learn it. Just as the saying goes, interest is the best teacher. So, the biggest problem is not to find a best way or tool to help you teach your kids, but you must learn first how to let your kids love doing the thing which may be the one they hate.

The industrial field has grown up, now it will be the third revolution of new information and technology. Not like the steel pipes which is the symbol of industry, the revolution of new information and technology will be leaded by the computer and Internet which is up-dating all the time.

The world is changing all the time with new technology, and we must do something to chasing the step of the new world, computer is one of the most important things we must learn, and since we must learn it so that we can know the latest information of this changing world, why don’t we learn it from kids that are young and easy to learn new things, what’s more, they have enough time.

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